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Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things, an on-line company, came into existence because I enjoy surrounding myself with things which make me happy - which lift my mood and satisfy my soul. I hope to be able to provide items which would give other people the same pleasure I feel - and contribute to their lifestyle too.

I recently came across a saying which really resonated with me:

‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.’

Helen Keller

My belief is that the same thing can be said for some of the items I come across in my search: My love of texture and a great penchant for hold-in-the-hand-appeal certainly influences the items I decide on when I am sourcing the goodies I want to share with others. It is all about a feeling, a physical response to something, which gives me such pleasure that I want to share that with others. It’s the same feeling I get in a shop when I have unearthed a ‘beautiful thing’ and want to turn around in excitement to someone else and share the joy and show them what I’ve found.

The list of items is therefore quite varied – from the more familiar, to the more unique and intriguing items I come across in my search for beautiful things.

Join me on the journey.