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Christmas Sale

We are planning a Christmas Sale Open Day on the 9th of November 2013. I look forward to seeing all the clients face-to-face again. We will be posting photos after the event.
We will also be updating the Website on a regular basis before the Sale – so that everyone can see the kinds of items we have on offer – and you would be able to order most of them online through us.

Our Launch


Beautiful Things celebrated its inception at a Launch on 29 June 2013.

All attendees were welcomed in from the cold, and offered some sherry, or other hot beverages, along with some eats, which they could enjoy in little seating areas between bouts of shopping.

A small pop-up-shop was set up, where guests walked around and looked at products on sale, and make their choices in a leisurely manner. A slideshow ran all morning, showcasing products which will be sold in future.

People also realised soon enough that if they liked something, they had to take them off the displays and set them aside, before anyone else snapped them up.

Once guests had completed their shopping, chatting, eating and drinking, they could collect their goodies at the ‘Pay n Pack’ station, where their precious acquisitions were packaged and paid for, and they could place further orders and be on their way.

We so enjoyed having face-to-face contact with the people who came – and will be running 2-3 of these events every year. Look out for news of the next event on 9 November 2013 – just in time to buy those Christmas goodies – without being in the rush and crush of a shopping centre. We will be sending out invitations by email closer to the time – so if you’re not on the list yet– just register with us.